legolasEDGE is pleased to offer the very finest of “edu-tainment” in workshops for conventions. Our tried and true workshops immerse the patron in the world of their chosen passion! Whether its the hum of the lightsaber, the clash of the broadsword, the gaping maw of the undead or the over the top antics of Captain Kirk – we will teach safe, repeatable techniques that enhance and demystify the genres your attendees love.

Our staff is led by Orion Couling, a recognized stage combat instructor with over a decade of experience in teaching movement and stunt fighting. Infinitely safer than a “live sword” or “western martial art” demo, stage combat uses history and partnering to create the illusions of violence.


Workshops average 75 minutes but can be expanded to 90 or reduced to 60. A standard workshop accommodates 30 people with a 2 person teaching staff. We can (and have) accomodated 120 people with a 6 person staff. We offer these workshops for Adults or Kids. These are meant to be hands on, up on your feet workshops but can also be offered in Panel/Demo format.

For more information, please contact Orion Couling at

Workshops that we offer include:

Lightsaber 101

Lightsaber Advanced

Many Fighting styles of Captain Kirk

Defending your Air Ship

Practical Zombie Survival



Wand and Smallsword

Basic Fights for Film

Nerf Zombie Apocolypse

True Viking Combat


Chicago’s Columbian Exposition

Practical Zombie Survival

Bartitsu and The Suffrage Movement

Chicago Ghost Stories

New Orleans Ghost Stories

The history of the American Duel