Battle Royale: Star Wars VS Star Trek

The greatest and most important debate in human history gets the knock-down, drag-out treatment as E.D.G.E. Theatre presents a unique demo in which we take prominent weapons and fighting styles from our favorite fiction and apply them to real life fight situations.

In our Battle Royale we debate each style’s individual merits, exploring how to apply techniques, explain the theory behind each fighting style and build up to a hardcore stage fight with an ending determined by you!

Come root for the Lightsaber or Bat’leth as our fighters delve into moQbara and Form VII (Juyo/Vaapad) and demonstrate their effectiveness. The demo will consummate with an epic fight for your enjoyment, showing the versatility and effectiveness of the legendary ferocious Bat’leth (made of Beskar) as it clashes full force against the elegant and civilized lightsaber.

Cheer for your favorite side, and end this debate one and for all!